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How Do I Make My Video Private?

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Monday, May 20 2013, 01:39 PM
I like that my Premium membership allows me to save a video for my future self. I don't want to share my private thoughts with the world via YouTube, can you help?

Our videos are accessed through YouTube. When you load your video onto YouTube, there are three privacy levels that you can select.

Public - visible to the world

Unlisted - not visible to the world unless you provide the specific web address to them. We recommend this approach.

Private - visible only to the specific YouTube members that you have named. This does not seem practical when addressing your future self.

YouTube explains how to set the privacy level on this page.. It is pretty simple and keeps the general world away from your message to yourself.

A reminder, it is possible that a member searching for themselves will come across your profile and will have access to your video. Please don't record anything that you don't want other members to potentially see.
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