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 Reincarnation Notes: Your Bridge to Your Future Life

ReincarnationNotes is your bridge to the future, by allowing you to make notes to your future self, now. 

* Compose text, pictures, and videos of your current life that your future life will be able to access, if you match the Key Words you will be putting into your profile.

*This is your way of providing your future life with information about who you are now, and perhaps, what lessons you've learned in this life to make your future life better.

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*Your profile is totally private, and can only be accessed by someone who matches your special Key Words.

*These special Key Words are things like specific places, numbers, sayings and quotations, interests, people of interest, ideas, and world events. These Key Words describe items that you know are important to you, even though you may not know why they are important. Click on the Key Word Descriptions in the right hand colum for additional information.`

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*After editing and updating your profile, you will have your life in print.

*Your profile and updating are free, and will be hosted for free.  

*Your searches are free. 

*Premium Membership will allow you to add to your profile five pictures, private videos, and YouTube videos, that will be viewed only by people who match your submitted Key Words. 

*Lifetime Membership includes ability to add 5 pictures, video link to YouTube, private videos, updating, and free hosting after death.

*Memorial Membership includes 1 picture of your loved one, free text, updating and hosting.




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